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Key Code Information

Before you can buy "cut to code" Motorcycle keys, you must know your key code.

The key code will determine which key blank is needed and the "cut" of the key. 

 Key codes are made up of either all numbers (numeric) or letters and numbers (alphanumeric) and are usually between 2 and 8 digits.

Click on one of the manufacturer links to see where you might find it.

I can not decipher your key code from the VIN

Of coarse sending me your key code is the best way to ensure you will receive a perfectly cut key but...If you can't find or don't have your key code but you do have an original, OEM working key, send me picture of the key, good chance I can decode it from the picture and make you a key. If you don't have the key code or working key, a local locksmith or new ignition and locks are your only choices.

If you think you've found your key code but aren't sure, just contact me with the code you found, the make, model and year of your machine and I'll let you know if that code makes sense with your model.

When you find your key code, use a magnifying glass to look closely at it. It can become worn over the years and be hard to read correctly.

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