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A bit about me.

I've been in the Powersports business for over 30 years making keys and selling Powersports parts.


 I'm now only making cut to code keys for various applications.


I am located in Western Pennsylvania, near the small town or Ford City.


My company consists of 1 person, me.


I personally cut, package and ship every key that leaves my shop.


I designed, created, maintain and market this website entirely myself.


I personally answer every question asked through the website.


I no longer have a "brick and mortar" store, I sell entirely online. This is how I make my living so rest assured I will do everything I can to ensure you have a great shopping experience.

I truly appreciate your business.


I strive to provide the best service in the industry and stand behind every key I make. I hope you enjoy visiting my website and are pleased with every purchase you make.

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