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Can-Am Keys

Your Can-Am key code will be stamped on your original keys. It may also be on the ignition switch, either stamped or on a sticker. Also check the original owners manual or paper work that came with your model when purchased new.

Can-Am ATV Key Code Ranges:







If your ATV, Prowler or Wildcat key code is within one of the following 2 code series, I may require a close up, clear picture of your working key. Can-Am has never released the cutting data for these codes but I can decode your key from a picture. I have many of these codes already decoded but there are some I don't have yet. 

2000 series--Stamped on your key (2xxx)

3000 series--Stamped on your key (3xxx)

Some newer Can-Am models use an electronic key known as a D.E.S.S. (Digitally Encoded Security System) key. I can't make these, they must be programed at a dealer.

The Can-Am Spyder uses a transponder key. Sorry, I can't make those.

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